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BASF brings cotton growers five new cotton seed varieties for 2019

While you can’t predict pest pressure or Mother Nature, you can select for the right cotton seed varieties to help beat the odds. BASF announces commercial availability of five new varieties in their FiberMax® and Stoneville® lines, giving growers access to diversified solutions to combat pest and disease pressures in their fields.
Two new FiberMax varieties offer high profit potential under Southwest growing conditions.
FM 2498GLT
Growers looking for excellent yield potential with medium maturity can look to FM 2498GLT. This semi-smooth variety offers bacterial blight resistance, strong tolerance to Verticillium wilt and fiber quality potential. FM 2498GLT is adapted to the High Plains, Rolling Plains, Oklahoma, South Texas and East Texas.
FM 2574GLT
Dryland production on the Rolling Plains feels like home for FM 2574GLT. With outstanding fiber and yield potential, growers can also count on this medium-maturity variety for bacterial blight resistance and solid Verticillium wilt tolerance. This smooth leaf variety also offers high gin turnout.
Three new varieties start with the vigor expected from Stoneville and offer the yield potential growers look for in these high performing varieties.
ST 5122GLT
Known for its early-season vigor, ST 5122GLT delivers outstanding yield potential and fiber quality. This smooth-leaf variety fits the early- to mid-maturity spot on the farm and offers very good tolerance to Verticillium wilt. ST 5122GLT is widely adapted to the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Delta, East Texas, Northern Rolling Plains and Oklahoma.
Growers from South Texas to Virginia can find outstanding yield and exceptional quality potential in ST 5471GLTP. With the three-gene protection of TwinLink Plus, the crop is less likely to need a worm treatment. Resistance to bacterial blight and strong tolerance to Verticillium wilt ensure this smooth-leaf variety stays strong all season.
ST 5818GLT
When the going gets tough, ST 5818GLT gets growing. With excellent yield potential and exceptional quality, this smooth leaf variety offers very good early-season vigor and maintains stable performance under irrigation and on dryland. ST 5818GLT is adapted to the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, South Delta and South Texas.
BASF also offers growers varieties with proven traits needed to effectively manage insect and weed pests. These traits include: GlyTol® LibertyLink® TwinLink® Plus (GLTP) and GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink (GLT). GLTP varieties offer full tolerance to both Liberty®herbicide and glyphosate, plus three-gene protection from lepidoptera, decreasing the likelihood that additional spray applications will be needed to control worms. GLT varieties also provide growers the tools they need to control difficult and herbicide-resistant weeds in their fields with Liberty herbicide and glyphosate, plus two-gene Bt protection to control worms.
To learn more, talk with your BASF representative, or visit or Stoneville.comfor a complete lineup of varieties bred locally to perform in your region.
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