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Pipe Planner now optimized for mobile devices

Pipe Planner has been optimized to work on touch-based mobile devices that are iOS or Android. You also will enjoy a newly enlarged map on both desktop and mobile versions. The complex task of drawing fields and connecting levees to produce designs is easily accomplished, even with “fat fingers.”


There is no longer a need to download yet another app — just visit on your mobile device. The site will work right where it is and has the same features and tools you were comfortable with on the desktop.


Maintenance to updates to Pipe Planner is part of Delta Plastics’ commitment to the H20 Initiative. The H20 Initiative is a collaborative effort by growers, agency, and industry professionals to reduce the use of water for irrigation by 20 percent before the year 2020. Since 2014, Delta Plastics has invested more than $1 million dollars, and in turn, has helped save 80 billion gallons of water, which is more than the volume of Little Rock’s water reservoir, Lake Maumelle.


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Terry Simmons